Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cargo fashion for modern men

You might have wondered watching new generation guys wearing trousers with multiple pockets and number of straps ganging down on it. This is the latest trend in men fashion wear, namely cargo pants. Fashion trends change time to time, there rocked once the age of boot-cut pants, then there pushed in the era of rough and stylish jeans and now it is the reign of cargo wears. Not only the number of pockets make cargo pants differ from each other but also the fashionable look, hard but stretching fabric, perfect matching with shirts or T-shirts etc... add to the features of cargo wears. While lots of pockets may be stylish these days, any true workman knows that they've always been handy. Crafted in wrinkle-resistant, stain-release fabric with triple-stitched seams, these cargo pants are ready to take on any task with effortless good looks.
Cargo pants are much like regular use pants, but were designed originally for tough, outdoor activities. They are baggier, permitting free movement, made of hard-wearing, quick-drying fabrics, with tough stitching, and have large belt loops and several additional patch pockets. A broad variety of sizes, shapes and placements are keeping their hallmark pockets exciting to Users. Cargo pockets generally have accordion folds in the sides for increased capacity, and often have large flaps secured with snaps. They were originally used as battledress or sport hunting clothing for carrying maps, compasses and other equipment in an easily accessible way. But today they are the most liked fashion were of modern men.

The garments are normally made of rectangular panels of fabric, designed to allow bending at the knee and hip without stretching. Occasionally the knee joint has a hidden gap for ventilation. Stitching is often expressed as an external felled seam, and may be sewn in a contrasting colour to give the garment strong lines. Felled seams are commonly used in outdoor garments to improve water resistance.

The cargo style was copied by fashion designers in the late 1980s in the UK, and the late 1990s in the USA, and applied to everyday urban wear. This proved popular with young people, partly due to the tough construction and useful side pockets, for storing personal items such as cell phone, wallet, iPod, candies, lighter, etc... and partly to suit the whims of fashion, presenting a rugged, no-nonsense look suggesting military and outdoor activities. They are commonly worn by travelers and tourists, who use the extra pockets for items such as cameras, film-rolls, maps and plane tickets. When cargo pants are worn for purely aesthetic reasons, the pockets are often not used.

Even though the early designs were typically robust and hard-wearing, today cargoes are most often softer, thinner and lightweight. Cargoes create a hybrid style which is more comfortable. Today even girls started wearing cargo pants and there are specially made pants available for them. Multiple use cargoes are the latest among the cargo clothing. There are trousers that could be used as shorts and pants just be removing the bottom piece which is attached to the upper one with zippers. From minimal pocket range to multiple pockets, the range varies.

Most interesting about cargo trousers is that they come with affordable price tags. Even though there are costlier ones, cargo pants are available from 500 Indian rupees onwards. They give you a sizzling look when used with T-shirts or casual shirts.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Men's hairstyles

Are you worn-out with the same haircut that you owned in the college? Would you like to change the way you look with the latest hairstyle trends that suit your professional or casual lifestyle? Then read to know the 'just right' hairstyles and haircuts that can make you look more youthful, rugged, intelligent & sexy. Transform your hairstyle into an irresistible hunk that every woman desires.

Fashion works in cycles; so welcome back the 70's trend that is quoted 'in-fashion' on the present day. Here are some of the latest hairstyle trends. Follow one, which complements your facial features.

Short hairstyles look classy. High and Tight, Fade, Spike and Clipper Cut are few best men's short haircuts. They not only add a touch of sophistication but also are very easy to maintain and care for. The popular short hairstyle is the closely cropped clipper cut around the sides and back of the head with enough hair on the top of the head to comb. You can style it with gel to spike or just mess it up for a funky look. High and tight and Fade are also the most popular ones. Men with receding hairline can cut the front of your hair short to reduce the emphasis of the recession. If you are balding completely or losing hair drastically, do not think of wigs rather look best with shaved heads for a cool and confident look.

Medium Hairstyles- the current medium sized hairstyle is messy and wild look. Don't comb your hair after stepping out of the shower to naturally get this desired look. Just apply some hair gel and moderately mess your hair with your fingertips. Make sure to avoid the hair falling on your face.

Caesar cut is traditionally short all over with the bangs pushed forward and upward. To maintain the Caesar cut the whole day apply a mixture of gel and styling mousse. It looks great on young college boys and middle-aged professionals with preppy clothes and freshly shaved face. You can even go for short Caesar cut with spike all over. However remember that it is a fun hairstyle and definitely not a professional one. So, if your boss is a professional person; do not have them in office.
'Rock disco hair' is specifically flat with the split in the middle. You can even go for haircut that is short on the top, in the front and long over the ears. Rock disco hair suits the best with people who have healthy and thick hair. You can even streak them with varied colours that suit your skin complexion.

Longer haircuts: If your sweetheart is mesmerized with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan's long hairstyles then go for long and lean hair that is above your shoulder level. You can keep them long all over or layer them for effective look. Do not let it hang over your collarbone. Use hair accessories like hair bands to manage them well as it is right 'in fashion' today.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

50 cent Biography

Once snubbed of his breakthrough opportunity, Queens rapper 50 Cent retreated to the mix-tape circuit for a brief moment before a major-label bidding war ensued in 2002. The grimy, street-level rapper's career underwent many ups and downs over the years. In the late '90s, after he united with the Trackmasters and Sony/Columbia Records, his breakthrough seemed ensured. But on the eve of his release date in 1999, he was shot. Even worse, Columbia pulled his album, Power of the Dollar, claiming that it had been too heavily bootlegged for release. Rather than sulk, 50 Cent began recording dozens of tracks for release in the underground. A buzz ensued, and Eminem offered him a million dollar-plus contract in 2002. Once again, three years after his first breakthrough opportunity, 50 Cent's breakthrough seemed ensured.

Born Curtis Jackson, the one-time boxer first stood on the brink of national success in the late '90s. Columbia -- or, more specifically, Columbia-affiliated rap production team the Trackmasters -- hooked up with 50 Cent in 1999. The young and mostly unknown Queens rapper recorded the song "How to Rob" with the accomplished production duo. Throughout "How to Rob," 50 Cent detailed how he would rob famous rap artists like Master P and Timbaland. The song became a kind of novelty hit, and the Trackmasters teamed with 50 Cent to record a debut album for Columbia, Power of the Dollar, and a prospective breakthrough single with Destiny's Child, "Thug Love." An unfortunate string of events then ruined 50 Cent's chance to break through: heavy bootlegging soured Columbia's attitude toward the album and, then, on May 24, 2000, the rapper suffered from multiple gunshots, one to the jaw and several in the legs. Though Columbia had already released "Thug Love" as a single along with promos of the album to the press, it pulled Power of the Dollar from the market and dropped the injured rapper from his contract.

In the years following his fallout with Columbia, 50 Cent made dozens of underground tracks with producer Money XL. These recordings circulated quickly through New York on mix tapes and were compiled on black-market CDs. The rapper created quite a street-level buzz for himself and his G-Unit clique. The buzz eventually became so pervasive that a major-label bidding war ensued between such labels as J, Universal, and Jive, according to rumors. Eminem ended up signing 50 Cent to his Shady/Aftermath label, reportedly offering over a million dollars. But it was the track record of Eminem and Dr. Dre that swooned the Queens rapper, not money. Following the signing, 50 Cent entered the studio with Eminem and Dre to record songs for his upcoming release. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide.

Akon Apologises For Dancing With 14-Year-Old

Singer Akon has apologised following footage of him dancing sexily on stage with a young teen in Trinidad appeared on the Internet.

The scandal which followed led to Verizon pulling its sponsorship of Akon’s US tour with Gwen Stefani.

It was later reported the girl, who Akon danced with during a nightclub gig last month, was just 14-years-old.

Akon says he did not know the girl was so young.

"I want to sincerely apologise for the embarrassment and any pain I've caused to the young woman who joined me on stage, her family and the Trinidad community for the events at my concert,” he says.

"It was never my intention to embarrass or take advantage of my fans in any way, especially those under the age of 18.

"That is why we tried to make sure that the club did not admit anyone under 18 in the audience.

"Somehow, that standard was not met."

Akon Throws Stuff at His Audience. Like Other Audience Members

He's in trouble again: Akon was performing at KFEST 2007 when a kid tossed a promotional CD at the stage and almost hit him in the head. Akon got pissed and sent his bodyguards into the crowd to bring the kid on stage so he could physically throw him off the stage at the audience.

The concert promoters say it was no big deal. "My guess is it was an attempt at crowd surfing," said Jason Finkelberg, general manager for Pamal Broadcasting in the Hudson Valley, which staged the concert at Dutchess Stadium. "It goes on at these shows all the time. We certainly don't condone it, but it certainly goes on."

Yet, at least one member of the audience disputes that claim of crowd-surfing and wrote on the Poughkeepsie Journal website: "No, he didn't just call him on stage, he had his thugs go out and get him then he picked him up and THREW him, I was in the front and saw the whole thing! THIS WAS NOT CROWD SURFING! STOP THE BULL$HIT K104!"

Jackie Chan to launch audio of Kamal's "Dasavatharam"

Hollywood actor Jackie Chan will launch the audio cassette of Kamal Hassan's much-awaited Tamil film "Dasavatharam," in which he will be seen in 10distinctive roles, at a function to be held here next month.

The film, directed by K S Ravikumar and produced by Oscar Ravichandran, will be released in April. "Chan was totally amazed. He wondered how one could do 10 distinctive roles without any difficulty," said Ravichandran, who met Chan at the actor's residence in Kowloon.

On his meeting with Chan, he said it was a life time opportunity. "I was thrilled to meet him. It was a great experience," he said.

Chan, whose action-packed films earned him a great fan following, made the announcement of his visit to India for the cassette release, Ravichandran said.

"It is a great honour to Kamal Hassan, to the entire Tamil film industry and the Indian film industry that Chan has agreed to come at the function," he said.

Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and Chiranjeevi had already agreed to attend the "mega" event.

Besides, all stars of the South Indian film industry would be invited for the function once the date was finalised, he said.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Fashion biz yet to see big bucks in Chennai

WHEN it comes to fashion, Chennai has always traditionally been the poor cousin of the savvier Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Being a tight-lipped industry, it isn't easy to get actual figures to substantiate this statement.

But there are indicators — the Fashion Development Corporation of India, for example, has only one representative in Chennai as opposed to large clusters in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, said Ms Rathi Vinay Jha, Director-General, FDCI. And that one representative, designer Rehane, said that the growth of the industry would be in a ratio of 1:4 compared to some of the other cities. And if hearsay is anything to go by, every owner of a fashion store in the city admits that Chennai is far behind in the segment.

Yet, fashion stores have begun to peep into existence, and customers seem to be willing to pay anywhere between Rs 4,500 for a kurti and Rs 1,90,000 for a wedding outfit. Ms Upasana Asrani, owner, Studio Saks, said, "My business has even quadrupled over the last ten years." She said that the average customer spends between Rs 5,000 and Rs 20,000 in buying clothes during the season.

Ms Rehane, who has her own fashion store in the city, said that a small fashion store would have a turnover of about Rs 10,000, while the larger stores would be clocking sales of Rs 1 lakh a day. "Otherwise, they may as well shut shop," she added.

Mr Atul Malhotra, one of the partners of Evoluzione, said, "You have to educate the market, and that is what we at Evoluzione have been investing in. It is still a nascent market, and our high-end segment is still a segment within a segment, but the people here are basically conservative families looking for a change in lifestyle." So much so that the store's collection of clothes, ranging from Rs 1,500 for men's shirts up to Rs 8,000 for kurtas, and from Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,000 for occasion-wear for women, have been bought off the racks. He said, "We have registered 25 to 30 per cent growth every year since the store began in 2002."

One of the contributors to this growth is the burgeoning IT industry. Mr Sayed Layak Ali, one of the partners of Jidoka, a store that sells trousers, said, "A lot of young consumers have started visiting my store. Because of the IT business, their buying power has increased, and they can now access a premium product."

The IT boom also means that there is a lot of traffic coming through Chennai from other parts of the world. Ms Rehane said that with the city becoming a destination for other industries, foreigners and expatriates form a large chunk of the market.

Studio Saks has a branch at luxury resort Fisherman's Cove (on the outskirts of the city) that almost exclusively caters to the high-income foreign group, who come down for a holiday.

Ms Kiran Rao, owner, Amethyst, the fashion store/café/gallery, said that perhaps 25-30 per cent of the city's 10-million strong population can afford to buy fashion products. "And we (the high-end fashion segment) form a very small percentage of that," she admits.

Perhaps because, as Mr Ali said, the customer here is more calculating, he won't buy in a hurry. "Everything is relative - it still is a phenomenal market," he asserts.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Indian Fashion Week

The Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) was established in 1998 for the development of the Indian Fashion Industry. The Council commenced with the vision of promoting ready to wear and Diffusion markets in India. In 2000, FDCI, organised their first Fashion event- India Fashion Week which became the platform for the Business of Fashion to facilitate interaction between designers and buyers in India and abroad. Gradually as the years passed, the event turned out as the biggest fashion extravaganza of the country, generating unprecedented business opportunities for the Fashion Design industry in domestic and international markets. This fashion week paved way to get international recognition and space for Indian designer wear all over the world.
The last six years since its inception, Lakme, a leading cosmetics brand participated as the title sponsor of India Fashion Week and the event was known as Lakme India Fashion week. But in 2006, FDCI found a new title sponsor in the ITC group . The ITC-sponsored event was named 'Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week' (WLIFW), and was organized in Delhi during April. It covered the two seasonal market segments – Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer. Around 75 of India’s best designers presented their Spring-Summer PrĂȘt (ready to wear) and Diffusion collections to the most prominent names among buyers, media and fashionists, both Indian and International. This event also served as a launching pad for several new designers and models in India. Designers like Sabyasachi, Aki Narula, Varun Bahl, Anshu Arora Sen, Shantanu Goenka, Shane & Falguni Peacock, Gauri & Nainika are few names that were unveiled to the fashion industry by the IFW.
Apart from the Fashion week, FDCI also organises some other events such as Mega designer sale, Fashion Machine etc. regularly.


Modelling today has become one of the most sought after career options for youngsters in India. This is one of the most thrilling as well as lucrative profession, it attracts males and females equally, though there was a time when females dominated the field. With the expansion of consumerism and media there has been a fabulous boost in the ad industry. This along with upsurge in fashion industry have made modeling an attractive career option. It has generated a large and continuing demand for fresh faces and personalities to launch and promote a variety of branded products or show a garment to its best advantage.
Modelling is, undoubtedly a glamorous field which offers tremendous opportunities to travel and meet various classes of people. Moreover once established it is a highly paid job. Even with all these plus points it involves lot of hard work, dedication and perseverance to be successful in this field. It is a highly competitive and short- lived career. Further, stress factor is high and the hours are erratic. The job also requires a lot of stamina and patience.
It is a profession where educational qualifications become insignificant and physical attributes and personal qualities assume importance.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Jeans for men

Blue jeans is the in thing always, and it is going to remain IN for generations to come. This is more so with men, even if women one day believe that jeans is not for them.
A recent survey tells us that each American has atleast 7 pairs of jeans, with almost 4 of them in different shades of blue. While jeans adds to the rough look that guys try to show, it also adds more robustness to their bodies. How many times haven't you seen a guy in their garden or opening a door, just clad in jeans.
Surprisingly, it is guys who are more interested in the branded jeans. They tend to rate people with the kind of jeans they wear. Though such interpretations may be wrong, it could turn out to be true. Jeans that are more butt hugging always turn out as great jeans for men. And because they are most of the times comfortable with jeans that they are in, they turn out to be the interpreters.

Some trends that appeal to any man

Military wear: You got it into your mind as soon as you read it. The extra pockets, and the manly feel they add is far above any competition from other kind of looks. Khakis, jackets, caps are the in things. Add white and black to them and you will feel the difference right away.

Polo Shirts: This tops the list of shirts. Wear a polo shirt with a jeans, it is casuals. Add a nice coat, the corporate will invite you. And when you want to mix both formals and casuals, wear a zip-up jacket. Polo shirt will serve you, anywhere, anytime.

Layering: It's in at last. And is here to stay. Wear a sweat shirt, cover it up with a cool cotton with half sleeves. And then top it up with a jacket with no sleeves. And if possible add more. But it works, especially in winters and more so with the women around.

Logos: This is not a new style either. If you know you have enough money and don't know what to wear, then go the biggest and trendiest store that you find. Put your money and flaunt your logos. But make sure, you n't get too loud or too calm.

Use your creativity to mix up things to get what you want. And if you still haven't understood the trend today its all in one word 'Simplicity'. Keep it simple, Keep it strong. Way to go bro!

Chennai Fashion

By April, in Chennai, the tentacles of summer are slowly holding the city in their humid grip. Plans are in full swing (by those who can afford to take time off) to abandon the heat for those beckoning cooler climes. Newspaper headlines proclaim the possibility of an acute water shortage in summer, so it is just as well the exodus from Chennai begins.
Mid-April heralds the new year for Tamils. Tamil households bear a distinctive air of festivity, and traditional ones are identified by intricate kolams in front of the house, and the main entrance door is decorated with festoon of green mango leaves interspersed with yellow chrysanthemums. The inevitable question by the incorrigibles in the family is, of course, always what do I wear today?
There has been over the past two years, a dramatic change in the clothing habits of the typical conventional Chennai is. Where formerly every festival demanded a new sari and blouse for the women, today’s option is for the ubiquitous salwar-kameez or even the versatile jeans. There is, however, something charmingly appealing about the south Indian woman who knuckles down to the rites of tradition. Freshly, bathed at dawn, with the subtle perfume of sandalwood paste and jasmine lingering on her skin, she knots a towel around her head to support her wet hair and dons the new clothes before puja commences. After she rubs down her long tresses, she prepares a grid of hot coal over which she sprinkles sambrani (license). She covers it with a small basket, lies down on the floor with her head on it, spreading her hair over the basket, so that the sweet fumes permeate through her hair, softly drying it as no modern hair dryer ever will. It is a moment arrested in pure luxury as she closes her eyes to relax before the flurry takes over. Smelling even more sweetly, she ties her hair into a loose knot to commence the whirlpool of rituals which are in effect social events for the family and community.
Going back to the yen for no conventional clothes, boutiques in Chennai have never had it so good. Saris are relegated to the background, to be taken out only during religious ceremonies and weddings. The salwar-kameez-dupatta ensemble is here to stay, judging from the innumerable little shops and boutiques which have sprung up in Chennai to cater to the whims of the Chennai women. Even tradition bound stores like Nalli and Radha Silks, which specialized in Kancheevaram pattu saris, do not wish to be left behind in the race to stock ready-to-wear garments.
We prefer it for its comfort remarks one teeny bopper. When you are running around the whole day getting in and out of buses, the salwar is as comfortable as pants, even better. Who wants to wear a flapping five and one half inches and worry if it looks right? Also, the salwar suit scores high in terms of traditional chic, pipes in another young lady. No one can accuse us of aping the West and wearing immodest figurehugging cloths. The market offers beautiful traditional kameezes and when teamed with a matching dupatta, it is even more modest than a sari.
Emboldened and encouraged by their daughters, mothers are often seen at speciality stores. I plan to make just one salwar kameez to wear at home, they venture shyly. It is a question of their getting used to it and, once broken in, there is no question of turning back ever. Much to the horror of disapproving relatives, even young grandmothers have ready excuses. You know how it is with small babies at home-a kameez messed up is a hundred times better than a spoilt sari.
Curiously enough, men in dapper suits have had enough of stuffy coasts, and tight collars. Even though, at any formal evening, the western suit (full sleeved shirt, coat an trousers) is more acceptable, the middle-aged men are not averse to Indian clothes, with the younger men shyly taking the cue from them. The soft creamy silk waishtis with small zari borders, teamed with silk jubbas are dignified costumes for weddings. Haunted by the fear that the waishti will slip off, the yongesters opt for achkans or the kurta pyjama. Why, I am told that in the Bombay disco scene it is groovy to wear dhotis and kurtas teamed with dramati waistcoats!
Designed for Indian summers, the Indian clothes like the sari and dhoti afford free air circulation but in the name of fashion one tends to compromise and sqeeze oneself into the tightest of garments, provided they are well cut and smart. With handlooms again being pushed to the forefront of fashion, there should be a shift in the fashion scene-perhaps tailored saris and dhotis will dominate, provided they offer the same measure of comfort as other ready-to-wear garments.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Design ur career

Do you know that 95% of the students are not even sure what a designer actually does to earn a living? Or what are his / her daily routines, work schedules or more importantly how do they design? This also means that 95% of the students also do not know whether they want to become designers or not. Now, since the parents are not truly aware of this field as a career, they are not too sure whether their child should even be thinking of becoming a designer. This brings us to another important conclusion that those who do join any designing colleges do so by default i.e. once they get thru the entrance tests, they get tempted to join. So the question that arises is “Who really has the ability to become a good designer or to join prestigious institutes like NID/ NIFT. etc.?”
70% of students @ skool wan to becm doctors or engineers or do MBA. Rest 29% of them are not sure and though they have an inclination towards design or art, hv just too many other options in their minds. And only 1% are really keen and focused about Design as a career.
Even if you are in the 29% category, you have a very good chance of clearing the entrance exams for these design institutes. You do not hv to be exceptionally brilliant in academics, if u hv a unique way to look at things, an open mind, if you are a last page scribbler and have a desire to make it big on your own, but do not know how. You have to ask yourself a logical question “If I am interested in curing diseases, I would want to become a doctor some day. What would I do if I have to become a designer some day? The answer is simple. If you think you enjoy meeting people, noticing what type of garments they wear, what looks good on them and what not, you enjoy it when your room is being painted anew, you love it when your friend wears old kick knacks as jewelery, well, u r the kinda person these institutes would be looking for. Al just needed s some focused guidance from the experts.

Everybody's always down to be the painter but no one's wants to be in the picture....I'd rather be the painter left stroke, right stroke, paintin' the picture ...Ouu baby so soft I will be your painter...Paint that picture for you girl what's the business?